I went back- way back in time-to a sacred place- a majestic shrine
Under the land -volcano’s flowed-under the canyons far below
Over my head great rivers fell-
High up in the mountains a great spirit must dwell
Anasazi lived-the Arapaho-calling out the name of Henihco’oo’
Oh oh Henihco’oo’-18 million years take a million or so
Oh oh old yellowstone
I walked across a bridge over moving land
Magma bubbling and churning there- there’s a fire-down below
Better watch out when it starts to blow
Oh Oh Henihco’oo’18 million years take a million or so
Oh oh old Yellowstone
I went back- went back in time- to Chaco canyon where the great pueblos lie-
Where the Chaco lived- and the Chaco thrived
beneath a distant sun- a distant sky
Water- air- wind and land- fish were swimming- great birds gliding
Bison Elk- Grizzly Bear- roaming free
Yellowstone Old Faithful’s rising- Yellowstone your blue horizon
Yellowstone is calling me back again solo
I went back back in time-who’s to say what the future provides
There’s just one thing we surely know
There’s still that couldren with that red hot stove-
Oh oh Henihco’oo’ 18 million give a million or so-
Old Old Old Yellowstone out