And I tell you it’s the truth-cause I saw it with my own eyes
There were creatures on the loose-great spaceships in the sky
There were dinosaurs alive –fighting with tooth and claw
And a thousand wonderous nights in the movies that I saw
And a giant octapus crawling on the golden gate bridge
It came from far below-and crashed it in the sea-
I sat upright in my seat-and gave a gasping sound
When the valiant argonauts-battled the skeletons from the ground

Ray Harryhausen-really did me in- so clearly I remember
The boy that I was then
Ray Harryhausen thank you for your time
The maker of the mystery -the eerie-the sublime

I tell you it’s the truth and I cannot tell a lie
When inside a darkened cave the medusa slithered by
I turned my head away-looking side to side
Held my hand up to my face-couldn’t look her in the eye
Then calibos blew his horn and-the kraken blackened the sky

And on the 7th voyage away sinbad –mythical beings arised
Great talos menaced the land a giant he did stride
Then fell back broken defeated-laying on his side


And I say that’s it’s the truth cause I saw it with my own eyes
Twenty million miles from earth—a strange creature in my sight
From the top of it’s lizard head-to the end of it’s powerful tail
It broke and slammed and bullied-and made havoc with its wail
And for all the things that flew-and the monsters out of the sea
And all the things that climbed and crawled with a poisonous
Treachorus sting
I am greatful them all-and  happy  to be
And explorer in a place of wonderful fantasy